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Feeding Newborn Kitten



You have questions, we have answers. Scroll below to view our most asked questions.




  • Where do these cats come from?
    Our cats and kittens are rescues. Which means many different things, but normally their background information is limited or nonexistent when they come into our care. Majority of our cats come from "cat colonies", and were cats that were living outside neverhaving an owner, or being abandoned by previous owner. the problem with this is that they contribute to pet overpopulation, due to a low number of colny cats being spayed/neutered. Cats with little to no human contact are "feral", meaning a wild-born unsocialized cat. Kittens born to a freal mother cat will become feral themselves if not rescued before 8 weeks old. All our cats are either: 1. Social former colony cats 2. Mother cats pregnant with kittens 3. Orphaned kittens 4. Owner surrendered
  • Can I see what cats are available for adoption?
    Yes! You can schedule a meet-n-greet with a cat by calling and we can "match-make" dased on what you are looking for, or you can look at our rescue's pages on When contacting us please DO NOT just message us if a specific cat is still available. Please BE AS DETAILED AS POSSIBLE if you are seriously inquiring about adopting. We can answer any question you may have, and we try to keep the cats we post for adoption as up-to-date as possible on availability.
  • Are there any adoption rules/stipulations?
    Absolutely! When you adopt you will read through our adoption contract where all our rules of adoption are stated. We have three major contract rules for our cats, them being: 1. Cats must be indoors only. 2. The cat will not be declawed. 3. If you cannot keep the cat for any reason, you will contact us first. We just want to ensure that our cats will never again experience cruelty, neglect, or a feral life. Adoption is match-making and we want to find every cat their perfect forever home!
  • What are the adoption fees?
    There is a minimum donation required to adopt a cat,but this is not a "fee". This donation aids our mission of rescuing cats and goes towards medical bills. Minimum adoption donations are: $50 - Adults (9 Months & Older) $75 - Teenagers (6 - 8 Months old) $100 - Kittens (5 Months & Younger) These are the minimums. When adopting you can donate more if you wish.
  • What is included in the adoption?
    Every cat and kitten recieves a microchip, age apropriate vaccines, FIV/FeLV testing, and sterilization (spay/neuter). Kittens are given their first series of vaccines and proper dosage of dewormer for internal parasites. Cats that are over four months of age will also receive a rabies vaccine. You will be provided documentation of the veterinarian work they recieved.
  • Are there any heath issues I should be aware of?
    Unfortuantly, yes. Because New Beginnings is a volunteer run rescue, there is not a veterinarian on staff full time, although the cats do take regular trips to the vet. We cannot guarantee the health status of any animal adopted. A cat may have medical or behavioral conditions that our volunters/fosters/vet has not detected. We strongly suggest that all adopted cats visit a veterinarian within the week of adoption for a thorough physical examination. Cats and kittens are very susceptible to airborne viruses that cause upper respiratory infections. These infections are virtually impossible to control in a outside setting, where majority of our cats and kittens come from. Therefore, most of our cats and kittens have been exposed to or have possibly contracted an upper respiratory infection, which may need veterinary attention. The symptoms of these infections include sneezing and runny eyes. Medical care after adoption is the sole responsibality of the owner.
  • What if things dont work out with my new cat?
    We understands that sometimes certain cats do not work out in certain households. For this reason, if you adopted from New Beginnings Cat Rescue, Inc. you may contact us so we can determine if we are able to retake the cat. However, there are NO refunds of any kind when returning a cat or cancelling an adoption. You will make no charges of any nature for licensing, care, food, or other services you aquired when in possession of the cat.
  • What should I consider before adopting?
    1. Do you have the resources to fund the cost of pet maintenance & medical care? 2. Do you have adequate time to devote to a pet? 3. Does anyone in your household suffer from known cat allergies? Have they been tested? 4. Do you have sufficient space for a pet? 5. Do you have landlord or condo restrictions regarding not only pet ownership, but also the size and quantity of pets? 6. Do you already have pets that will have to adjust to a new pet? 7. Animals should never be given as gifts, New Beginnigns Cat Rescue, Inc. does not allow cats to be gifts. 8. Are you planning to move? Consider how a pet will affect your plans. The number one reason pets are returned to New Beginnings Cat Rescue is that the owner is moving and unable to include their pets in the move or owner was unaware of a family member having cat allergies. These excuses are not fair to the cats! Be a responcable adopter.



New Beginnings Cat Rescue, Inc. is committed to a single goal; helping cats in need. We believe cats should not die just because they were born. We strive to help every cat that crosses our path have a long life full of love and understanding. Explore our website to learn more about all that we’re doing to make a change in the lives of cats and people throughout Central Florida. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to finding volunteers and fosters to help cats in need while finding adoptable cats their forever homes.

New Beginnings Cat Rescue is not an animal shelter. We have no physical set location. Instead we rely on a network of reliable and dedicated people to open their homes (and hearts) to provide temporary care for cats and kittens while they wait to be adopted. Fostering provides a safe place for cats to heal, grow, and develop into a beloved pet.

Our rescue currently services available in the following neighborhoods:

Lake Mary, Sanford, Winter Park, Longwood, Oviedo, Casselberry, and Apopka.



*Not at locations every weekend - call to check*

1:00 PM -4:00 PM

Sundays at PetSmart, in the West Town Corners Shops, 380 S State Rd 434, Altamonte Springs, FL 32714



Any other day call for meet-n-greet appointment.

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Meet with several kitties and explore options for your family

PRIVATE INTERVIEW: In the comfort and relaxed atmosphere of your home.

Tel:  321-377-8166

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